Machine Sazi Arak (MSA) is a large leading manufacturing, general contracting and EPC contracting company in Iran established in 1968 and specialized in design, fabrication,  installation/erection, commissioning and servicing a wide and varied range of equipment  mainly used in oil, gas, petrochemical, power plant, mine and cement industries. We are also well-versed in design, engineering, fabrication and erection of various heavy steel structures and steel bridges and various fixed and floating roof fuel storage tanks, mobile and stationary pressure vessels, spherical LPG storage tanks, fire-tube and water-tube steam boilers, hot water boilers, heat exchanger, reactors, air coolers, indirect gas heaters, dry gas filters, gas filter separators, industrial furnaces, industrial odorizes /deodorizers, X-max tree and other wellhead equipment, separator columns, distillation towers, industrial chimneys, hydro mechanical equipment of dams, heavy offshore steel structures, various forged pressure flanges, forged steel grinding balls, crushing hammers used in cement and mine industries, gate valves, railway axles and wheel sets and many other project equipment/components. MSA is the first company in Iran awarded the prestigious ISO-9001 Quality Management Certificate by m/s DNV for all its activities. The confirmation of internationally reputed inspection agencies such as Lloyd, Register Industrial Services, S.G.S, and TUV on our export products bears witness to our claim. Our high quality products have so far found their way to the markets of many countries like France, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Qatar, Jordan, Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Azerbaijan.(More than 24 Countries)


. Pakistan: L.P.G. semitrailers, 30000 gallon LPG vessels, Flyover Bridge, steel flanges, steam boilers, steel balls
. Kuwait: steel flanges and steam boilers
. Bangladesh: Steam boilers, bridge, LPG vessel, crude oil 50000 m3 storage tank
. Syria: Crushing hammers, hot water & steam boilers
. Sri - Lanka: Heat exchangers
. Jordan: LPG semitrailers
. Belgium: Air coolers
. Saudi Arabia: Steel flanges, preheating furnaces, steam boilers
. Nakhjavan: Pressure vessels
. United Arab Emirates: LPG semitrailer, 12000 gallon LPG vessel, railroad steel wheels
. France: Components of wellhead equipment, A300 mobile cranes
. Sudan: Tanks, LPG semitrailers, steam boilers
. Italy: 2 sets of steel structure of container crane, drums, heat exchangers, air cooler, storage tank
. England: Steel flanges, scrubbers
. Libya: Steam boiler
. Yemen: 6565 gallon LPG vessels
. Azerbaijan: Refinery equipment, steam boilers

. Qatar: Pressure vessel, drilling hammers, gate valves

. Japan: Refinery equipment
. Kenya: Pressure vessels
. Cyprus: 6000 liter vessel
. Iraq: Bridge, steel structures
. Turkmenistan: Spherical tanks
. Belarus: Steam boilers, vessels