The Introduction and History of Health , Safety ,Environment, and Energy Affairs of MSA
Since the establishment and production activities of MSA, occupational health and safety affairs have been highlighted to organize human resources in the field of health and safety, create a culture of implementing safety and health laws and regulations, and provide legal requirements in projects.
The HSEE activities of MSA have moved to a new stage since 2017 with the modification of the organizational structure. It operates as an independent unit under the guidance and leadership of the top management of the organization.

HSEE strategy of MSA
The HSEE priorities of MSA are in line with the development strategy in processes and achieving this is possible by the protection of organizational capital (human resources, environment, credit and equipment) and taking a preventive approach.

HSEE strategic aims of MSA
• Institutionalizing and improving preventive policy in the field of health and safety by reducing the risk level of high risk hazards.
• Institutionalizing and improving preventive policy in the field of environment and energy by reducing the risk level of environment aspects.
• Institutionalizing and improving preventive policy in the field of health by reducing the eoidemic rate of occupational illness.

The operational principles of MSA's HSEE are planned to comply with the requirements of ISO14001-2015, ISO45001-2018 standards. HSEE measures include the following specialized fields :

• Protecting and promoting the health level of the MSA's employees and preventing infectious and occupational illness.
• Planning and implementing health improvement programs in all occupational groups
• Controlling occupational hazards and reducing the exposure to harmful factors to provide a healthy workplace.
• Assessing health risks and planning control programs in order to reduce the level of risk.

• Commitment to compliance with safety standards by employees and contractors at all levels of the organization's activities.
• Promotion of safety culture and performance in the organization.
• Preventing incidents in the workplace and reducing their severity.
• Carrying out inspections and safety assessments by underscoring ongoing projects.
• Analyzing disabling accidents and implementing preventive and corrective actions.
• Learning from accidents and informing at all levels of the organization.
Environment management
• Waste management and optimal consumption of resources and energy.
• Reducing and preventing the release of harmful outputs for the environment.
• Participating in and modeling the activities from leading organizations concerning environmental issues.
• Trying to preserve natural resources.

• Reducing harmful factors for the environment in new and development projects.
Energy management
• Integrating energy management system into MSA.
• Integrating and reducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency.
• Creating a preventive approach and sustainable development.
• Reducing energy costs.

• Identifying training needs and conducting internal and external training courses in order to empower employees.
• Creating and implementing the MSA Company's comprehensive HSEE training plan.
Performance indicators
The MSA's HSEE management monitors the achievement of its main strategies through performance indicators presented below:
• The Indicators of AFR , ASR and FSI
• The Indicators of prevalence and occurrence of occupational illnesses.
• The HSEE inspection plan realization indicators.
• The Indicator of fulfillment of the aspects & hazards review plan.
• The Indicator of environmental pollution measurement.
• The Indicator of ERP effectiveness.

Commitment and leadership
Qualified personnel in various fields in HSEE affairs according to the assigned tasks have the following responsibilities:
• Participating in the implementation, development, and improvement of all HSEE management operational plans according to the organization's policy.
• Participating in employee training and empowerment (Skill in doing work and awareness of occupational hazards).
• Participating in the performance evaluation of all production and service units regarding the fulfillment HSEE requirements.
• Active participation in review plans and improving all HSEE performances of the organization.