Machine Sazi Arak Co. Metallurgy Production Group enjoying expert and skill workforce, unique modern equipment such as electric arc furnaces, VODC (Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization Convertor), 1600-ton hydraulic press, ring rolling machine and various hammers and presses has about half a century been involved in the production of equipment for oil, gas, petrochemical, pipeline industries and industrial rings. Most of these products are produced using open & closed die forging and rolling as per the latest universally distinguished standards such as ASTM, DIN, and EN.

Steel making and casting workshop
In this workshop, molten metal production is accomplished using two electric arc furnaces and a vacuum oxygen decarburization convertor (VODC) with the analysis control of the produced steel carried out via a quanta meter.

Forging and forging development workshop
Open-die and closed-die forging methods using various hammers and presses of varying capacities, making rings with the use of ring rolling machine, and several heat treatment processes employing different furnaces and heat treatment equipment of differing capacities are carried out in the workshops mentioned above.

Steel ball making workshop
Steel grinding balls with different diameters (under 100m dia.) are produced using roll forging and continuous heat treatments.

Finishing workshop
Different finishing processes such as shot blasting, grinding, non-destructive tests, welding, and packing are carried out on the products in this workshop

Tool making workshop
Various dies, tools and equipment required for casting and forging activities/machines are produced in this workshop.

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